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Within each article is a list of ideas for how to expose children to new subject-matter that is related to that topic. By continually trying these "sparks," parents will find successful ones that open moments when the child is eager to learn subject matter parents can teach. Eventually, with a cultivated appetite in various subjects, the child will discover the enjoyment of learning.

Passion-Driven Education is a methodology designed to invoke a passion for lifelong learning within children that powerful enough to result in self-guided learning for long periods of time daily. The successful implementation of Passion-Driven Education will lead the child to the spontaneous moments of self-discovery that are necessary for one to find their life's calling. In short, Passion Education is a wiki for unschoolers. This project is inspired by Connor Boyack's book, Passion-Driven Education, but resonates with the spirit of Montessori, Thomas Jefferson Education, and other agrarian-model education methodologies as well. All learning here is facilitated by a mentor as an extension of doing things the learner already enjoys. The Founder of the Passion Education project is Jordan Clive. Read the Passion-Driven Education page to learn more about this methodology.

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This wiki tool is exactly what Wikipedia is built on, so Passion Education is more about the community than it is about the app. Join us and make a difference for families around the world! Please join the Passion-Driven Education Support Group on Facebook, follow @PassionEduc8ion on Twitter, and even feel free to follow Jordan Clive (Facebook, Twitter) or Connor Boyack (Facebook, Twitter). Your contributions are a priceless gift to children and will prepare the future spouses, mothers, fathers, citizens, builders, inventors, and leaders of the world.

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Project Organization

Jordan Clive will lead the formation of Passion Education's information architecture, wiki governance, and editing standards. The organization of Passion Education will emerge as people contribute to it (Refer to the How You Can Help page.)