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- Learn about cultures that have treated animals as deities.

- Teach the various epochs of world history by reviewing a list of extinct species and the causes of their demise.

- Use the predator/prey relationship to discuss the dominance of weak nations by more powerful nations.


- Create a theatrical production where each family member has a supporting role and the family pet has the lead role.

- Write short stories about a world without humans, where animals at the top of the food chain rule over those at the lower end.

- Keep a daily journal about the eating habits, behavior, and physical activity of a family pet.

- Volunteer at a shelter or zoo and write a series of blog posts about the experience. See Blog Writing.


- Learn about binomial nomenclature and how animals are formally named.

- Discuss anatomy by dissecting a frog, worm, or other animal or insect.

- Discuss the theory of evolution and how animals adapt to their environment.


- Teach statistics by analyzing the population changes of various animals or their relative population in each part of the world.

- Introduce algebra using different animals as variables. See Abstracting Units.

- Practice estimating and rounding by quickly counting groups of animals in the wild (or in an online video).

Art and Creativity

- Create animal sock puppets. See Making Sock Puppets.

- Learn woodworking to build a bird feeder.

- Build clay models of favorite animals. See Making Clay Models.

- Design an elaborate obstacle course for a family pet.