Beauty and the Beast

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Character Development


The moral of the story is that true beauty is not found in how one looks, but how one treats others. "But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within," said the Narrator. The inner beauty of the Beast was revealed from Belle's love, patience, and sacrifices.


Belle has a seemingly insatiable appetite for learning and her love for books can inspire us to find joy in learning and reading more. Her love of learning is connected to her capacity to love and see beauty within the beast that others do not.


If Belle had settled for the Gaston, the man everyone thought she should be with, then she would have missed out on her true love. True love is worth waiting for, so do not settle for boys (or girls) that peers expect you to be with. In the end, they will likely take more away from you than they offer you. Prudence can be viewed as a weakness, but a wise child can recognize it as a strength. Don't confuse prudence with fear - they're not the same thing.

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