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Should there be political programs to protect or support butterflies?

Moral, Ethics, Character

What can, or should, you do to protect or support butterflies? For younger kids How can you help butterflies?


How do butterflies use camouflage? What factors help or hurt butterflies? Could be: pollution, temperature, availability of certain plants. What food webs are butterflies part of? Does this change depending on where they are in their life cycle?


Study patterns and symmetry of butterflies. Use latitude and longitude to study the migration of butterflies. Compare the distances of migrations. Calculate the energy requirement. or time requirement, of different animals or modes of transportation to travel the migratory distance.


Use various mediums to create butterflies. Use various mediums to illustrate lifecycles, both abstractly and concretely.

Literature and Non Fiction/Language Arts

Write a coming of age story from the perspective of a butterfly. Student the coming of age genre first. Adapt for young ages to tell a story. Study folktales of butterflies from various cultures. The Very Hungry Caterpillar A Butterfly is Patient Butterflies of North America