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Learn about the various methods of transportation before the combustion engine was invented.

Study the inventors who designed each component of a car and the circumstances that led to the innovation. See Reading.

Use toy cars to recreate epic battle scenes and discuss the grievances that led to them. See Reenacting War Histories.


Compose short stories about what ancient cultures might have been like if they had cars. See Reimagining History.

Create a daily driving journal describing how far the family drove, where to, and why. See Daily Journal Writing.

Write explanations of how to perform basic car maintenance that can be shared with a younger sibling or friend. See Write Instructions for Someone.


Learn about potential and kinetic energy and how they apply to a vehicle.

Create a controlled combustion experiment to learn how an engine works.

Introduce physics using a vehicle to discuss concepts such as motion, linear momentum, torque, and thermodynamics.

Analyze the components in gasoline and how it is extracted and processed from oil.


Review probability and statistics using data about car accidents.

Use vehicle components to introduce geometric concepts.

Explain differential calculus in the context of an accelerating car.

Art and Creativity

Build cars out of Legos.

Creatively paint an abandoned or junked car.

Learn Adobe Illustrator to create digital paintings of favorite vehicles.

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