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- Study how people’s diets have changed over time, and why.

- Learn about how people have harvested and preserved food in the past.

- Review different wars by studying the diets of soldiers.

- Read about pioneers and pilgrims to determine what they ate and how they cooked while on the move.


- Create recipe cards for favorite dishes. See Write Instructions for Someone.

- Start a blog to share cooking secrets and document progress. See Blog Writing.

- Read recipes and write a shopping list.

- Keep a food journal documenting daily intake and reviewing each item’s qualities. See Daily Journal Writing.


- Learn about chemical reactions and how they can affect food.

- Introduce the Kingdoms of Life using the foods we eat.

- Investigate food technology and recent inventions used to increase the nutritional quality and shelf life of food. See Reading.

- Discuss temperature, altitude, humidity, and their effects on cooking.


- Learn about various units of measure and how they are used when cooking.

- Calculate the cost of each meal by pricing ingredients and measuring how much are used in the meal. See Basic Accounting.

- Discuss volume and weight by measuring jars of spices.

- Cut pieces of lunchmeat into various shapes to introduce geometry and trigonometry.

Art and Creativity

- Compete with parents or siblings to create the most colorful dessert.

- Teach cursive and calligraphy to create a fancy meal invitation for family or friends.

- Practice painting using only dyes or juices from food.