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- Learn about world events through the perspective of the horses being used to pull carriages, fight in battles, etc.

- Find out which breeds were preferred by which groups of people and for what purpose.

- Introduce historical figures who used horses.

- Analyze socio-economic changes that affected what classes of people could afford a horse.


- Write short stories about horses being used in different epochs of world history. See Write a Short Story.

- Read books on horse behavior or how to raise one. See Reading.

- Submit an essay to a horse-related magazine. See Submit a Magazine Article.


- Use a horse’s diet to learn about calories, fat, vitamins, and nutrition.

- Discuss mating, reproduction, and nature vs. nurture.

- Study hereditary genetics and differences between various horse breeds.

- Teach about pigment and compare horse hair to human hair using a microscope.


- Compile population estimates of horses in different countries and chart them over time.

- Use a horse’s body to introduce concepts like mass, volume, and density.

- Calculate the amount of time it would take a horse to travel various distances.

Art and Creativity

- Provide modeling clay to create a sculpture of a horse. See Making Clay Models.

- Introduce graphic design in order to animate a galloping horse.

- Encourage roleplaying by providing broomstick horses, costumes, and other props.