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- Build historical buildings and learn about the people who created and used them.

- Use Lego people to represent different countries interacting with, or fighting against, one another throughout history.

- Create ships and trains and carriages and other modes of transportation to discuss how technology and travel have changed throughout time.


- Create a script for family members to act out a play using Lego characters.

- Write a letter to the manufacturers of Lego suggesting a new design or theme. See Write a Letter.

- After assembling a castle or house, write a short story using it as the setting.



- Use Lego animals and plants to discuss biology.


- Learn how plastic is made.

- Create a periodic table using Legos to teach chemistry.


- Create mountains and hills using blocks to learn about topology, elevation, soil erosion, etc.


- Learn about weight, lift, thrust, and drag using Lego airplanes.


- Introduce fractions by using the different sizes of Legos to represent parts of a whole.


- Teach geometry using the shapes and sizes of Legos.


- Explore differential calculus by plotting Lego curves on a coordinate graph created with blocks.

Art and Creativity

- Create custom instructions to help a sibling or friend learn how to assemble something unique.

- Build a model version of your home.

- Create a Rube Goldberg machine using Legos.

Spacial Awareness