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Create buildings of historical significance and learn about the culture and beliefs of the people who built them.

Build battlefields and internment camps to discuss the ethics of war and the justice of past military campaigns.

Make ships, trains, and trucks and discuss the changes in distribution of commerce through history.


Provide prompts that can be used to document in a journal what happened during each game.

Author a detailed guide or walk-through that can be used to teach a friend or sibling how to play Minecraft.

Write a creative backstory about each character designed in the game.


Explain electrical engineering using the doors, buttons, levers, and other contraptions present in the game.

Discuss architecture, structural integrity, scale modeling, and measurements while creating buildings.

Use a Minecraft house’s surroundings to discuss ecology, environmental science, weather patterns, etc.

Create a model of DNA and discuss biology.


Teach concepts like volume, area, and perimeter using blocks and buildings.

Use Google’s plugin that lets the user experience quantum physics.

Provide opportunities to build problem solving skills, such as: With 26 arrows to fight off an approaching group of four skeletons, how many arrows can you use on each skeleton and still defeat them all?

Art and Creativity

Using construction paper and other art supplies, create a physical replica of a virtual Minecraft environment.

Create an Olympics or other athletic contest in which the characters may compete.

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