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By continually trying the "hooks" in the Passion Education wiki, parents will find successful ones that open moments when the child is eager to learn subject matter parents can teach. Eventually, with a cultivated appetite in various subjects, the child will discover the enjoyment of learning. Passion-Driven Education is a methodology designed to invoke a passion for lifelong learning within children that is powerful enough to result in self-guided learning for long periods of time daily. The successful implementation of Passion-Driven Education will lead the child to the spontaneous moments of self-discovery that are necessary for one to find their life's calling.

Throughout the journey of invoking passion for learning within your child, you will be their constant companion to direct their efforts and catalyze their growth. In this manner, their learning will show progress well beyond that of their peers in factory-model schooling.

There is nothing a child can have that will prepare them more for adulthood in an unpredictable world than (1) a passion for learning and (2) knowledge of their life's calling. Therefore, there is no better education goal a parent can have for their children than to invoke this growth within their children. By the time their child reaches adulthood, if they want to pursue a degree in higher education then they will know exactly what they want to study and have calculated reasons for why they want to study it. (They may even have finished a degree by the time their peers start - many learning-loving homeschool children do.) However, regardless of higher education, the child will likely be several years of growth beyond their public school graduate peers and be qualified to begin the career they want to pursue.