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Political Science

Just as the Galactic Senate turned into the Empire, various forms of government can be discussed noting that they change over time. War, diplomacy, rebellion, and trade agreements can be explained from examples in Star Wars, as well.

Morality and Ethics

Teach lessons of morality and ethics basing the concepts in the code of the Jedi.

The Chancellor’s metamorphosis allowed me to explain a similar trend in the real world whereby people who lust for power begin to oppress others in an effort to preserve and expand it.


Charting a ship’s course based on a map of stars, the vacuum of space, the speed of light, or jet propulsion are all themes that can be expanded on. Explain what warp speed is and take the dialogue into light speed, photons, etc. Plan activities based around why we can’t travel as fast as light, yet.


Math concepts can be taught by counting ships, using trigonometry to calculate the distance between the Death Star and a nearby planet, or finding the number of stormtroopers in an assembled phalanx by multiplying the number of rows and columns.

Physical Education

Play lightsaber duels and active roleplaying until the learner is sweaty and worn out.


With plenty of ships and planets and characters to draw on paper, model in clay, or design on the computer, there is a wealth of artistic inspiration to be found from Star Wars.


Star Wars music can be used to foster a desire to learn how to play an instrument. See Learn Theme Music.

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